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Alice Woo Funds Palo Alto University’s M.A. Counseling – China Fellowship

Alice Woo Funds Palo Alto University’s M.A. Counseling – China Fellowship




Born and raised in rural Qiaoqi, Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, Mr. Vincent V.C. Woo went to Shanghai at 19, where he apprenticed at a large textile mill before becoming a factory owner in the 1930s. With his business thriving in the 1940s, Woo returned to build a road in his home village and to support Qiaoqi Primary School, where he once studied. Mr. Woo and his wife moved to Hong Kong in 1949, where he founded Central Textiles (HK) Ltd. He established scholarships for students to study abroad and supported many medical and educational causes. As a prominent industrialist and philanthropist, the Hong Kong government awarded him the Justice of the Peace in 1970.






Sharing her father’s value of giving back to society, Ms. Alice Woo founded the Vincent V. C. Woo Memorial Foundation and has been devoted to alleviating the suffering of others through supporting many mental health programs in both China and the U.S.


Palo Alto University is dedicated to improving lives through education and research anchored in psychology, clinical training and practice in a diversity of cultures. It’s our great honor to receive Ms. Woo’s gift to PAU’s M.A. Counseling program. Dr. Haihua Liu, Director of the Students Mental Health Education and Counseling Center at Peking University, will receive the Vincent V.C. Woo fellowship. Dr. Liu is also a student of the M.A. Counseling – China Cohort, starting from Fall 2015.





“I really want to appreciate Ms. Alice Woo from the bottom of my heart for funding a fellowship. I was in a dilemma 3 months before. On the one hand, I was fascinated by the PAU’s M.A. Counseling program. The courses in the program are what I wanted as a systematic study in counseling. On the other hand, I am embarrassed with my financial condition as a young teacher in China. ” Dr. Liu says, “Thus when I was told that I was selected as the recipient of the first Vincent V.C. Woo fellowship in Global Mental Health, I was extremely happy and grateful for Ms. Alice Woo. It is my commitment that I would study hard and dedicate my knowledge, skills and effort into the Counseling career in my life span.”





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