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Dinner Party With Psychological Professionals in Beijing

Dinner Party With Psychological Professionals in Beijing



Several psychological professionals from some prestigious hospitals and universities in Beijing were invited to a dinner party that hosted by the Director of PAU M.A. Counseling Program Dr. Hui-Qi Tong in the evening of April 14, 2015.  











Prof. Fengchi Yang form Capital Medical University, President Lin Lu from Peking University The Sixth Hospital, Dr. Bing Li, the Director of Clinical Psychology Department of Peking University The Sixth Hospital, Director Qun Chen and Doctor Hongfang Xiong from Psychological Counseling Department of Beijing Anding Hospital , Director Jian Wang from Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, Director Haihua Liu from the Counseling Center of Peking University, Prof. Dan Liu from the Counseling Center of Tsinghua University, Director Zhifeng Hu from the Counseling and Services Center of Beijing Normal University, Prof. Zhuohong Zhu and Associate Professor Zheng Huang from Institute of Psychology, CAS, Dr. Chunsheng Fu from Zhong Ke Bo Ai (Beijing) Consultation Limited Company and Ms. Yan Wu from Xinjiaoyu were present at the party.  






Dr. Tong gave a thorough presentation to the attendees about the history and vision of Palo Alto University and answered their questions about the program’s curriculum and practicum settings with the Program Recruiting Counselor Emma Shi. The representatives of hospitals and universities shared with us their comments and suggestions to the program base on the current situation and developing tendency of Psychology and Counseling in China.  








Palo Alto University is dedicated to improving lives through education and research anchored in psychology, clinical training and practice in a diversity of cultures, and service to communities around the world. With the support of the prominent psychological professionals and institutions in China, PAU M.A. Counseling Program will provide Chinese students with better learning experience and contribute to the counseling development in China.







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