Palo Alto University (www.paloaltou.edu) is an accredited American educational institution with 40 years of experience in training excellent mental health professionals. According to a study (Stewart, 2007), the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology ranks in the top 25 (23 to be exact) out of 166 American Psychological Association approved clinical psychology programs in the U.S., based on a measure of the scholarly productivity of its faculty. (For more details, see Stewart, et al. (2007). Scholarly productivity in clinical psychology PhD programs. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 14, 157-171.) The Pacific Graduate School of Psychology was founded in 1975 and has for many years focused on training graduate students in clinical psychology. In 2009 it expanded to include an undergraduate program in psychology, comprised of an undergraduate branch and a graduate branch (Pacific Graduate School of Psychology). It is a traditional university located in the San Francisco Bay area in California, U.S. A., with impressive clinical training resources that include cooperative relationships with Stanford University. It has an interest in improving counseling education around the world, which is why it is making its Online M.A. degree program in Counseling available in China and other parts of the world.

Yes, the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology ( Palo Alto University) is included in the first list of foreign universities recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education. (See http://www.jsj.edu.cn/news/1/170.shtml

PAU is currently offering its 11-quarter Online Master’s Degree program in Counseling to students in China.

PAU offers an innovative educational experience that combines online classes on the internet with on-the-ground clinical training. You therefore have the best of both worlds, namely the convenience (and cost savings) of studying in China with access to a high quality education that meets international standards of excellence.

Our programs are taught by PAU professors who are primarily located in the U.S. For more information about our faculty, please see www.paloaltou.edu/faculty-staff.

Our Global Online M.A. degree program in seeks to introduce to China a model of counselor practicum training that meets international standards of excellence. Training methods include modeling, demonstration, discussion of video- or audio-recorded clinical work, and a kind of group and individualized supervision which goes beyond intellectual conceptualizing about completed cases to encourage active engagement and management of ongoing cases.

The Master’s degree program courses are taught entirely in English by English-speaking instructors who use English language teaching materials. Practicum / internship supervision may be in Chinese or English.

Yes, definitely! Many students who are enrolled in our program successfully combine full-time jobs with part-time graduate study.

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