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PAU’s Global Online M.A. Degree Program in Counseling


With increased awareness of mental health and mental illness, there is growing need to advance counselor education and training around the world. In China and some other countries and regions, indigenous counselor profession is rapidly developing. Following the spirit "Engaging minds, Improving lives" and from a global perspective, Palo Alto University (PAU)’s  Online Master’s degree program in Counseling is pioneering an innovative hybrid strategy that blends several key components:

1. It offers students a systematic distance learning curriculum that has been carefully designed to meet the highest international standards for counselor education. It provides at graduation a Master’s degree from an accredited American university and gives you the education you need to apply for a U.S. license in professional clinical counseling.


2. Its online courses are taught by U.S. based Palo Alto University faculty, and the practicum sites are carefully selected medical universities and counseling institutions in China and other countries. With the cooperation of the Shanghai Mental Health Center, School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Students Mental Health Education and Counseling Center of Peking University, Beijing United Family Hospital and Peking University the Sixth Hospital, PAU is pioneering the combination of the high-tech teaching methods from U.S. and the profound history and culture from China.


3. It puts a high value on the localization of the counseling education in Asian countries. PAU injects the essence of Chinese culture into our course design, practicum and teaching methods by many approaches as class discussions, seminars, practical assignments, etc. Online students in China are provided with an opportunity to apply what is learned to the Chinese context.









Thank you for your interest in the MA Counseling program that Palo Alto University offers. If you have any questions or comments about our university, programs, admission requirements, or application process, please Contact Us.



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